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Home Buyers Extra Cost Checklist

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Have you ever heard of closing day nightmare’s? A number of people end up closing day issues because of the extra costs they got to find out at the last minute… these extra costs can ruin the fun of the “that day”

Whether you’re trading up to a larger home or looking to buy for the very first time, in order to accurately calculate what you can afford, you need to factor in the extra costs – on top of all your prices, mortgage price, down payments etc. that come along with the purchase of a home.

Some of these costs represent an ongoing monthly or yearly commitment. Others are one-time fixed payments. Not all extra costs will apply in every situation, but knowledge is power. It’s better to be aware of all possible extra charges ahead of time so you can budget properly.

The team at Angel Godson always help home buyers understand what these extra costs are, and in what situations they may apply, we have a free home buyer report titled “11 additional costs to be aware of when buying your home”.

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The smile on our clients face is worth more to us than all the money in the market. And that’s why we do what we do everyday, showing and sharing with you information and home market insights that will not only save your money but also make you happy.

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